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Claiming the cowboy’s heart: Book Review

My Book Review Disclaimer:

Currently, I’m sticking with reviewing books that I highly recommend. You can be assured that any book review posted on here is worthy of 4 to 5 stars IMHO. (Tangent I mean, Fun fact: I rarely read books more than once unless I love it. However, I will watch a movie multiple times even if it’s not the greatest movie.) Though I enjoy being analytical and will rip a book or movie or song to shreds….my goal is not to tear down authors, but to uplift authors in a positive light, as well as build an audience with positive, thought provoking posts. Who wants to read negative book reviews anyway? 

claiming the cowboy's heart


Claiming the Cowboy’s heart: Linda Ford

Genre: Inspirational fiction, Romance, Western


Haven Out West

After witnessing her fiance’s murder, Jayne Gardiner won’t let herself be caught on the wrong side of a gun again. But a disastrous first lesson in self-defense has left her with a wounded cowboy. She insists on nursing the handsome stranger back to health—whether he wants it or not!

Getting waylaid by a wild shot has definitely put a hitch in Seth Collins’s step—and plans. Duty may call him home, but Seth can’t resist lingering on Eden Valley Ranch to teach the English beauty to shoot. And when a shadowy figure from Jayne’s past resurfaces, Seth’s sudden urge to protect her has nothing to do with duty.

My Take:

This was a gift to me on my 29th birthday. It’s not often I receive books as gifts. I’m kinda picky that way, but my husband knows me. 🙂 This story was well written, with well developed characters, full of tricky pasts that shape their current situation. I love when two people get thrown together, particularly when neither one of them planned the encounter.

This is a gentle and light western romance, not very heady, but definitely one to pull your heartstrings. I enjoyed the way they fell in love.