Christian Fiction Friday – May 20

Christian Fiction Friday is a blog hop where authors post short snippets (no longer than 400 ish words) from their current works in progress (not published pieces)

If you write Christian fiction or otherwise clean fiction you are welcome to join in!

So for the month of May the theme for MY Christian Fiction Friday excerpts will be


Your goal (if you so choose): find a paragraph (or several) within your own Work in Progress that describes or represents one of your characters.

Context: So Serena has shown up at Joel’s house on his day off. She’s in trouble and wants to talk to Lacey. Joel calls Lacey, who isn’t home at the time. Lacey tells him to “talk to her, keep her there.” Aha…Poor Joel.

He studied her unabashedly. She glanced away. Probably because of all of my staring, he chided himself. He couldn’t help staring; there was so much more to her than bruises and tears. Underneath the obvious pain and the meekness, he saw the beauty of her smooth dark skin, her full lips and deep, rich brown eyes. He remembered how confident and gregarious she’d once been and longed to see that extroverted spirit return.

Until next week!

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