Christian Fiction Friday – May 13th

Christian Fiction Friday is a blog hop where authors post short snippets (no longer than 400 ish words) from their current works in progress (not published pieces)

If you write Christian fiction or otherwise clean fiction you are welcome to join in!

So for the month of May the theme for MY Christian Fiction Friday excerpts will be


Your goal (if you so choose): find a paragraph (or several) within your own Work in Progress that describes or represents one of your characters.

This is another description of Lacey, from Jay’s POV, after a conversation they had together during a college group get-together at Lacey’s brother’s house. Got all that? lol


“What was that all about?” Matt asked as they climbed into the cab of his four by four pickup truck. Jay couldn’t hear his question; he lounged in the front seat, rubbing his hands together while waiting for the heat to kick in, his mind completely wrapped around the beautiful, dark figure of Lacey standing nestled deep in her jacket, hair bunched up around her face, shining in the occasional white moonlight that shone through the clouds.

Do you have an excerpt that represents your character(s) in your WIP? Share your link, OR Share the excerpt below in the comments, even if you aren’t a part of CFF! I love hearing from you!

Until next week!

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  1. Your descriptions are so beautiful. The image of Lacey is really wonderful! Such magic woven in a short paragraph.
    Thanks for sharing <3

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