Chasing Pearl: Book review

Chasing Pearl.pngChasing Pear: Jewels series book 8

(Available in the Yesterday’s Mail Box Set)

By Hallee Bridgeman

Contemporary romance


For VIOLET PEARL and CHASE ANDERSON to end up together, one of them will have to make a huge change. A message from God arrives in the form of a package from 1940. This humble box brings their hearts together even though they live and work thousands of miles apart. They each must listen closely to understand the message to close the distance.
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My thoughts:

There’s a reason this author is one of my top five favorites. She turned from a person who shies away from novellas, to someone who loves reading them. Ha!

I found this story quite charming. A sweet romance with realistic messages of faith and realistic struggles. It was entertaining, heartwarming, thoroughly enjoyable.

The Characters

I enjoyed these characters. Violet fascinated me, as did Chase. I liked the complete contrast between them, and how mature they were. It’s interesting when you begin with mature characters, where is there room to grow? But there were still things that both characters needed to work on, mostly in the realm of having faith and trusting in God, more than in overcoming personal faults. I loved how the reader was taken into Violet’s novel as she was writing it. I think that was a unique twist. At first I almost thought it was a split time novel, but it was fun to find out that the 1940s scenes were just snippets of the novels Violet writes.

It’s great to read books where the author is not afraid to write about an ‘author’. Sometimes that can be cliche, but Violet is the kind of person who rarely tells a soul about her books, and had a dual career of both writing and managing an Inn so that was a nice contrast to keep the reader interested.

The story

I honestly wished this were more than just a novella. Were it a longer novel, there would have been more time to develop the relationship in the second half of the book, where as a novella, we have long gaps of time skipped, where we’ere left to imagine the things that happened between them. I personally don’t have a problem with that, but i really do enjoy longer stories.


Yes. Cute, romantic, entertaining. I enjoyed it and if you like Christian romance, I don’t doubt you will love it, too.

Chasing Pearl is available in E-book Format in the Yesterday’s Mail box set.

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