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Book Review: Red Rose Bouquet


Red Rose Bouquet

By Jennifer Rodewald

Genre: Contemporary Christian Romance

My thoughts

This story was… brave, touching, and deeply emotional. An expertly woven-together story that represents a parallel of God’s divine love for us and how he relentlessly pursues us, even during our worst moments.

This was an emotional roller coaster from the beginning. I wasn’t quite expecting that, and I probably should’ve read Blue Columbine, the first in the series, but actually I’m happy I didn’t because I probably would’ve hated Cheryl even more in the beginning, had I had her character traits already colored in the negative from before I began to read this one. As it progressed, though I didn’t ever really like Cheryl until the very end, I loved Brock. He was perfect, handsome, so loving, and for me, throughout the entire story, his spiritual calling represented to me, a parallel of how much God loves us, regardless of our flaws and our mistakes, no matter how many times we continue to make them.

It was powerful to draw that kind of parallel. I really enjoyed the story overall, fabulous writing, deep character stories. I am excited to read the others in the series.


Yes, yes, yes. This is a story that sticks with you long after you read it. Very thought provoking, very romantic. Be prepared 🙂
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