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Book Review: Ordinary Snowflakes

Do Ordinary Snowflakes: A Rock Creek Romance Christmas Novella by [Rodewald, Jennifer]Ordinary Snowflakes by Jennifer Rodewald

Contemporary Christian Romance


A single mom, a snowy Christmas, and a Secret Santa gift. Perhaps her romance days aren’t over after all.

Someone has noticed me. A secret admirer? A man with a good heart, who sees how much I actually need help, even though I never admit it? Maybe this is the beginning of a beautiful story—a romance full of hope and second chances and love.


A secret Santa gift left on Kale Brennan’s front porch opens up a fresh view of her ordinary life, and perhaps of God. Maybe she does matter. Maybe God sees her—as does a new-to-town music teacher who has her seven-year-old daughter gushing and her own knees buckling with his killer smile. But as Kale embraces new possibilities, a staple in her life—a man who is kind and steady, not to mention necessary for her injured daughter’s recovery—also snatches her attention in an unexpected way. Will the one pursuing her with his secret gift and kind gestures be the one her heart longs for in the end?

My Thoughts

II know Christmas is over with, but I had to post one more Christmas book because friends THIS one is amazing. Where has this book been all my life!

Small town charm with the warmth of friendship and family, and unrequited love. Have I mentioned (probably a hundred times) how much I LOVE unrequited love stories?? Just ….. ‘swoon’

I whole-heartedly identified with the main  character even though I’m not a single mom. The feelings of inadequacy, the struggle of trying to be a good mom thinking I am totally not, being bogged down by so much pressure from the outside world. This poor mom! Guys, the message in this story is absolutely achingly wonderful and needed. And for me with my ridiculous short-term memory issues I’ll be rereading the ending to continually remind myself of the beauty of God’s love for us.

And the Romance. So you have the backdrop of Christmas – check. Unrequited love – Check, and a love triangle!! – Check. But this love triangle was handled in the most mature, tactful way. I rarely see this anymore. Most of the time readers see jealousy rear its ugly head. Here, instead, we see this amazing selflessness and strength from this man who is so in love he  cares nothing but for the happiness of the one he loves. Like our Heavenly Father. I just couldn’t stop reading. I never cry in books. Haven’t since high school.

Friends, I had to stop reading because I started crying in the middle of the DMV!

Also – there are more books in the Rock Creek series? Count me in!


Do I recommend this book? Yes, yes a thousand times!

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