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Book Review: Everything Behind Us

Everything Behind Us: The Murphy Brothers book 3

By Jennifer Rodewald

Contemporary Christian Romance

Tags: Marriage of Convenience, Second chance romance,

Everything Behind Us is Book 3 in the Murphy Brothers series, which I’ve been working my way through. This is another beautiful story about broken people who find redemption! Jennifer doesn’t disappoint there at all.

I was wary of reading a story involving a character with a terminal illness as I’ve dealt with my fair share personally and it’s not something that’s always easy for me to read, but Jennifer handles it so tactfully and authentically, without going into any awful details, it wasn’t hard to read at all.

I loved Conner. I think, out of the Murphy brothers so far, he’s one of my favorites. I’m still quite partial to Jackson – from In Spite of Ourselves, book 2 – but Conner is Jackson’s opposite and just as endearing and swoon-worthy. I adored his level-headedness and honor-bound attitude and outlook on life. He is strong both physically and spiritually, yet gentle and compassionate and caring. The perfect blend.

This is an interesting contemporary marriage of convenience and while I’m not always a fan, this one was well thought out, with two well-developed characters. Jennifer is adept at building that romantic tension slowly throughout her stories with a perfect balance of backstory and current circumstances.

II have really enjoyed reading these in order, but you can read them separately – I read them out of order in the beginning. Jennifer does a great job of weaving the brothers’ stories together, and bringing you up to speed on past events without it feeling forced.

Shockingly, this wasn’t the most emotional of the Murphy Brothers stories for me, but there could be some emotional triggers, depending on your own history. But if you love authentic characters who find both redemption and a happily ever after, you’ll love Everything Behind Us.

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