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Book Review: Always You

I am working my way through the Murphy Brothers series and plan to review all the books in the series, so be on the look out for more. But today, I have my review of the first book Always You.

They made a pact of friendship. Love was not supposed to be part of the deal.

Lauren is desperate to escape the massive shadow of her father’s and sister’s political careers.

Matt is running from the biggest disappointment of his life.

After a messy meeting in a snowbound airport, they launch a new friendship, founded on a mutual love for the Lord and an agreement of respect. They find themselves working together at the Lake Shore Resort, thankful to have each other as they each carve out a fresh start. But as the winter season wears on, and through a few interesting predicaments, one begins to feel more, and the other…well. Maybe neither knows what they really want. Already wounded from the things they’ve left behind, Matt and Lauren wrestle with what comes next. Afraid to move forward. Not wanting to go back.

Each must face a dilemma that only the hand of the Potter can smooth into a hopeful, promising future. Can they surrender past hurts, as well as their future hopes and plans and trust the good intentions of the God they both love?

my thoughts

Always You is the first in the Murphy Brothers series which spans 7 — yes seven — brothers. So far I’ve read two, and I adore the Murphy family already.

It’s been a long time since I’ve read a true friends to more story, where there’s no true attraction beforehand and mutual friendship develops naturally. Honestly, it’s refreshing. It’s hard to find because there’s usually some kind of attraction immediately apparent by one party or the other.

This story and it’s characters seem so simple yet Jennifer, as always, was able to create characters with deep layers, with wounds that needed healing before they could embark on a true relationship. Always the sign of a fabulous writer, who can capture realistic wounds that are so very relatable.

I have to admit – of course I’m bias here, being from California – that the setting of Lake Tahoe really drew me in. I’ve traveled there so many times personally, and the way she describes the scenery and atmosphere is spot on. I loved it all so much. It brought back wonderful childhood memories.

I’m excited to embark on the rest of this series, in order, as I’ve had issues reading series’ out of order lately. Keep an eye out for more reviews of the rest of the Murphy Brothers series by Jennifer Rodewald.

Jennifer Rodewald has a new release!

Their love survived his accident, but can it survive the long, hard road to recovery?

Tyler Murphy had his life all planned out: finish college, go back to Sugar Pine as his dad’s able-bodied business partner, and most importantly, marry Rebecca Colson. But a fall from a roof leaves him less than able-bodied, and the pain he suffers as a result goes beyond the physical. Wrestling with his new disability seems manageable only by way of the pharmacy. Which is fine…until the refills run out and he’s denied a new prescription.

Rebecca Colson can’t wait for the day she’ll finally become Mrs. Rebecca Murphy. Tyler’s accident and resulting amputation are traumatic hurdles on the road to marital bliss but nothing they can’t overcome together—until Rebecca stumbles onto Tyler’s secret and approaches his family for help. Suddenly, the love of her life turns cold. In his eyes, her betrayal is unforgivable, and just like that, their hopes and dreams disintegrate.

Becca finds herself facing a future she doesn’t recognize—one where each step forward is a step away from the future she’d planned with Tyler. When a recovered Tyler finally seeks her out, he’s not sure he deserves another chance with her—not after the way he broke her heart. Becca is equally uncertain that Tyler has room in his new, very different life, for her. Is it too late to restore their relationship, or will their stubborn love forge a new path for a future together?

Stubborn Love is book 5 in the Murphy Brothers Stories; Christian novels full of romance and redemption. Don’t miss this family of seven brothers as they navigate through life, faith, and love.

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