Awkward?? nah…(maybe a little)


Recently, I read and reblogged a great post about 5 Awkward questions to ask your characters. Answers to awkward questions can tell you a significant amount about your characters.

Here’s an interview with two of my characters, answering these 5 quirky questions.

Would you wear the same clothes two days in a row?

Lacey: EW No way would I wear the same clothes twice. I already have to wear the same barista apron twice. It’s disgusting. I may skip a shower here and there…but no way would i wear yesterday’s clothes…unless I was extremely sick or something…

Jay: Eh…well, it depends on what I did all day. If they’re not that dirty…sure…you just have to cover it up with enough deodorant or cologne. Well, Cologne is not my thing. Aftershave smells strong enough as it is. Lacey likes it though.

A bird poops on you. What do you do?

Lacey: EW. Gross. I would immediately wash it off with a wet wash cloth and soap.

Jay: Wash it off…?

You find out that you’re pregnant. What do you do?

Lacey: “Exasperated groan” Joel would kill me. Jenna would kill me. Everyone I know would kill me, except Serena. She doesn’t  care – I don’t think, anyway. I don’t know what I would do. I wouldn’t abort it, but I’m definitely not ready to have children…

You find out that Lacey is pregnant. What would you do?

Jay: That would be…terrifying…I can barely handle having a girlfriend and going to school full time as it is, let alone handling a new child! I would do my utmost to never let that happen in the first place, not until we’re married and settled. I’ve made a promise to myself to keep that from happening…I’ve made way too many mistakes in my life as it is…

But if it did happen, I would support Lacey as best I could. I would do anything she needed.

What are you addicted to? What would you have an impossible time giving up?

Lacey: Coffee. The curse of working in a coffee shop. Caffeine is necessary for working and going to school full time. I would die….of exhaustion…without it. Also – the internet. How would I be able to talk to anyone? It’s bad enough Jay doesn’t have a phone. At least he has internet.

Jay: I can’t think of anything that I’m addicted to, except for Lacey. She’s enchanting…

Okay – and Matt’s cooking. I’m so happy to be able to eat real food again…I could never go back to that slop I ate in prison.

What would you die for? Why? (If nothing, why not?)

Lacey: Who would I die for? My brother. He’s the only real family I have left, since I don’t talk to either one of my parents…

Jay: I would die for Matt. He saved me. He gave me hope and purpose to my life. If I hadn’t met him before my release, I would not be who I am today. He is the real brother I never had.

I would die for my believe in Christ. Matt was the catalyst, but Christ is the one that forgave me and changed my heart.

Ah, my first real character interview.

If you want to know more about Lacey and Jay in the story, Second Chances, check out the Works In Progress tab above.

What kind of questions do you ask your characters while your’e building them?