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Author interview and Giveaway: Olivia Rae

I’ve got another author interview and giveaway for you all – please welcome the lovely author, Olivia Rae, an historical and contemporary romance author who is adept at immersing you into the time periods in her stories. Her new book A LIFE REDEEMED, just released.

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Welcome, Olivia! Tell me about your newest release.

A Life Redeemed is a sequel to A Life Renewed, though you don’t have to read the first book to understand the second one.  In this book, Audrey Hayes is sent by Queen Elizabeth to Scotland as a spy to find out if Laird Gavin Armstrong is part of a plot of zealots who plan to put Mary of Scots on the English throne. The queen also has a mysterious interest in Gavin’s son, Thomas. The story has many twists and turns, and of course, a romance and a surprise ending.  

You’ve written in multiple genres. Which one is your favorite and why?

I have always liked reading and writing historicals. I love to read about the past and find the researching is the fun part of the process. History really does repeat itself. In a way, it is a window to the future.  However, I have to admit it was fun writing Joshua’s Prayer, my only contemporary. Some day I would love to write a sequel to that book. 

What’s your favorite genre to read? 

It used to be historical fiction and Christian fiction, but lately I love a good mystery. To be honest, I read just about anything. A little bit of everything keeps a person fresh.

What is the most interesting piece of historical research you have come across while researching for your novels? 

I have to say my research actually started my writing career. Years ago, I was reading about the Crusades and I came upon a piece of information about a “Bright Knight” who charged forward when the Crusaders were losing steam during a battle against Saladin. The “Bright Knight” was said to have saved the gem stone from one of Solomon’s crowns. I am positive this was nothing more than Medieval lore to spur those living at the time to support the Crusade, but it got me thinking, what if there really was a pure knight, an Avenging Angel. Revelation, book two in The Sword and The Cross Chronicles was started from this thought. Here’s a secret: I wrote book two before I wrote book one in that series. 

Who is your favorite character and why?

I have to be honest, I always like my male characters better than my female ones, especially when I am writing historicals. In A Life Redeemed, it’s Gavin. He’s made so many wrong decisions in his life and is on the verge to make another one. I can’t help but hope this time he does the right thing. He has the largest growth arch in the story so that is why he is so interesting to me. 

Who is your favorite side character? 

In A Life Redeemed, I have to say it is Thomas. I usually don’t like writing about children, but he is so feisty and such an imp I couldn’t help but love him. I am working on the third book in the series right now and it is his story. He is even more fun as a grownup. 😊

Yes! I’m excited for the next one!

Olivia is giving away an ebook copy of A Life Redeemed!

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Everyone has a secret, who can a queen trust?

Upon Queen Elizabeth’s order, Audrey Hayes travels to the borderlands of Scotland to learn where the fierce Laird Armstrong’s loyalties lie. Is he aligned with his mother’s English roots in support of the queen, or does he hold with the beliefs of his father, who wishes to see Mary of Scots on the English throne? The fate of Audrey’s family rests on her success in finding the answer.

After losing his lands in a wager and being betrayed by his kin, Gavin Armstrong entered a loveless marriage to obtain the funds to buy back his family home, Warring Tower. Now a widower, struggling against countless border wars, he is on the verge of losing his home and lands again. With few resources, he reluctantly makes another risky wager, one he cannot hope to win without trusting the secretive Audrey Hayes, a woman he suspects is an English spy.

As the two work together to save Warring Tower, their attraction to one another grows. But when Audrey finally gains the information she seeks for Queen Elizabeth, she realizes that the only way she can save her family is to betray the man she loves.

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  1. I just finished this story! I absolutely loved it. You’re so right about Gavin being a great hero. Loved it!

  2. Historical fiction is my favorite genre, however this author is new to me. Thanks for sharing the interview!! 🥰📚

  3. I haven’t read this series yet. I’ll definitely have to check at my library for it! 🙂

  4. Sometimes I think that I am poor when what I am is living beyond my means. I read these stories and see what some people went through and how the balance of wealth has always be unequal.

    I do not have any place that is steeped in history for my family so it is hard to see myself making these choice. The freedom we take for granted nowadays is mind boggling.

  5. I’ve read Olivia’s books and they are awesome! I love her Medieval Romances!! A wonderful intriguing, adventurous plot, deep compelling characters, a swooning romance and an inspirational message always behind!! I highly recommend her books! A Life Redeemed was fantastic! As was A Life Renewed!

  6. Olivia Rae is a new author for me and I look forward to learning more about her books.

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