Author interview and giveaway! Christina Sinisi

I am excited to host contemporary romance author Christina Sinisi on my blog today, where we talk about her new release, Sweet Summer!

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Welcome, Christina!

Tell me about your newest release. 

Shelby Marano is the youngest of three sisters and was always Daddy’s baby girl—until her father was murdered. Ever since, she’s been running from anyone or anything that could truly hurt her. Instead, she seeks calculated thrills that leave her exhilarated, but when she’s caught outside during a summer storm, she quickly realizes not all adventures are within her control.

Tyler Burgess offers her both refuge from the rain and a safe place to land.

Time spent with Tyler proves him to be much more than just a nerd in a history museum, but what she finds out about him is a dealbreaker for her. As Shelby’s perfect little world is threatened by family health issues and an unknown stalker, she learns the hard lesson: that no one can hide from the dangers of life. Can Shelby let her sisters, Tyler, and even more importantly, God, show her in one Sweet Summer, that love is worth taking the risk?

You love stories that blend rustic with modern. Why is that? 

What a different, great question…and the answer is because that’s who I am. I grew up on a somewhat isolated farm in the Virginia mountains. I tried to tame wild ponies and played in the woods. I can even remember having an outhouse until my Daddy put in a bathroom when I was about six!  Since then, though, I attended a women’s college, Hollins University, where I roomed with the daughter of surgeons and met the wealthy. I earned my doctorate and have traveled all over this country and to Europe, Canada, and Mexico.  I’ve been blessed to see many sides of this planet. 

What draws you to writing stories with such flawed, multi-layered characters? 

My doctorate is in psychology—research, not therapy, but I have been trained in theories of personality. My students through the years number in the thousands. My original intent in majoring in psychology was that I could write better characters. I hope that shows in my writing. Plus, I believe we’re all flawed, multi-layered characters and I want to write about people the reader would recognize if they met on the street. 

The cover is fabulous. Is there any significant elements to the cover? If so, what and why are they significant? 

Thank you! I wanted the individuals on the cover to represent the characters—and they’re close. The hero, Tyler, is a tall, lean history nerd—check. Only in the book he doesn’t have a beard. The heroine is a sassy blonde, but in the book she’s tan and a bit shorter with really corkscrew curls. She’s based physically off a student who graduated a few years ago and we still keep in touch. She’s a treasure. 

Also, the characters do visit the beach, but the one on the cover isn’t quite like a South Carolina beach. Everything here is so green. We have palm trees and oleanders in bloom. Come down and visit, y’all!

Who is your favorite character and why?

That’s like asking which is my favorite child—I can’t say. I love Shelby and Tyler both!

Who is your favorite side character and why?

This one is easy—the niece, Haley. I love the play between Shelby and her niece.

What is your plan for this story? Is it a series? A stand alone?

This is the second book in the Summer Creek series. The first was Christmas Confusion and the third, Why They Call It Falling, will release next year! At the same time, I believe you can read any book by itself.

What is something you’ve learned about yourself or about your writing process, through writing and publishing this story? 

I want a happy ever after for everyone, including nerds or the different.

What is your favorite social media platform and why? 

I probably check Facebook the most, but I’m also enjoying having a blog because I can write about anything. I love interacting with people.

Where can people find you online? 

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Social Networking Sites:

Twitter: @ChristinaSinisi


Instagram: @csinisi123




What’re you giving away today?

A copy of Christmas Confusion—to get people started on the series!

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    1. One thing about this story–the murder happened when the sisters were little girls, but the loss of a father like that affects them years later, each one in different ways. Thanks for commenting!

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  2. This is a great story as it is about family as well as intrigue and a test of faith. Thank You

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