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A seasons of giving and giving thanks



I can’t believe I have time to post.

Today, I am thankful for the holidays. Christmas and Thanksgiving are my favorite time of year, despite the ridiculous stress that comes with traveling, having two kids, shopping, cooking, shopping. It’s my favorite time of year because I am able to spend it with family.

I also thoroughly enjoy finding the perfect gift for family members. I will be honest though, I am ย horrible gift giver. I have a friend from college, I swear she was graced by God with the most amazing ability of giving the most touching and amazing gifts. Every single gift she’s given me has been exactly what I needed when I didn’t even know I needed it.

She gave me touch-screen enabled gloves, which are fantastic and also glittery ๐Ÿ™‚ adding an adorable charm. She gave me a baby scrapbook for my baby’s birth. She gave me a tablet/e-reader stand, which is AWESOME! Especially in the kitchen. You can put your tablet/e-reader on the stand and read while you’re cooking, or eating, or look at recipes etc. It even adjusts in size to fit my phone.

Ok – back to the reason I wanted to post today.

Friends, followers, family members, anyone who follows me on facebook and wordpress. I need your assistance!! Because I am such a terrible gift giving person….

In my first book,ย Second Chances, Lacey spends Christmas with Jay because she refuses to spend it with her mom. Joel spends Christmas with their mother. But they are brother and sister. Very tight, very close. They live together currently.

What kinds of gifts should they give each other for Christmas? I would greatly appreciate any ideas. Let me give you a rundown of their characters.

Joel: 25 years old. 6ft tall. He works as a personal banker. He loves cooking, history docs, all guy movies in general, and he’s somewhat introverted. He’s very active in his college group at church.

Lacey: 21 years old. 5’10. Loves theater, is outgoing, loves to be active (biking for example). Loves girly movies, as well as action movies. Loves to read, and loves her phone and laptop. She loves coffee. She works in a coffee shop. She’s also a full time college student.

What kind of gifts would you give them and why? Feel free to ask more questions ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

Followers, friends, family, I hope you have fun with this.

Merry Christmas!! God bless you all!

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  1. Well, I know I like getting books, so I’d definitely say Lacey might appreciate that- especially if it’s a special edition of her favourite book, or a really nicely illustrated one (it doesn’t have to be something ridiculous like a first edition- I recently got a beautiful leatherbound copy of Jane Austen’s completed works and it was perfect) Otherwise something like a coffee machine or some kind of accessory for her bike from a more practical family member.
    Someone like Joel might like a history or cookery book. Or even something sentimental like his grandfather’s cross or war medal or something (introverts are wayyy harder to get gifts for)
    As you can probably tell, I got a little bit into this question. Hope it helps! And hope you had a great Christmas!

  2. I married a chef. He loves big thick books that go into great detail. I’ve bought him one on Sauces (that’s the title), and The Bread Bible, among others. That could work for introverted Joel. Lacey would, of course, inscribe it.

    For Lacey, maybe tickets to a movie or a show, and the promise of her introverted brother’s company? She’d know the value of her not so social sibling being willing to go with her.

    I live 300 feet from my parents, and do not spend holidays with them, Toxicity isn’t good for me as a person, a wife, a mother, or a writer. I support my children’s desire to visit, but, as for myself, I’m neither welcome nor interested, so I do everyone involved a service by staying home with my own little family – and it makes for a lovely, nearly stress-free, and generally non-traditional holiday. =)

  3. Hello Sara, I feel Christmas is far to commercialised so gifts should be loving, personal and not overly expensive. Joel loves history doc’s, so I’d give him something interesting that he knows nothing about. For example a video about God’s nature, like, “Land of Parrots” that talks about the Australian climate and shows the wonderful bird life. Joel’s name means (The Lord is God).. It is my own’s son’s second name and my nephews first name, I love it.
    Lacey is a lover of movies, and so am I. So video’s again.. a couple of Hallmark, or the Janette Oak series. They can be watched over and over and are full of goodness. After you read all the suggestions, God will give you the answer of what to give. Its amazing how it all just comes to us as we are writing. Thank you for saying that you would read my book and write a review for it, I am very appreciative. So please email me, your email, so that I can gift a Kindle book to you. Blessings Crystal Mary Lindsey

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