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A reason to run: Book review

A Reason to Run (The Camdyn Series Book 1) by [Coryell, Christina]A reason to run: The Camdyn Series Book 1

By Christina Coryell

Genre: Inspirational Christian romance


All she wanted was to write a great love story — she had no idea she’d be writing her own.

Words rarely failed Camdyn Taylor. When life handed her complications, she buried herself in capturing them on paper and crafting a perfect narrative. The fact that her latest novel was currently sitting at the top of the bestseller lists let her know she had succeeded—not that anyone else noticed, since she hid behind a pen name.

It had been tempting to step away from the anonymity at times, but not on days like that one. Not when the humiliating video of Peter proposing was going viral and her name was spreading through peoples’ homes like wildfire. Her inclination to run felt justified, especially when she cloaked it with novel research. The change of scenery should offer the perfect quiet backdrop to finish the manuscript on time.

Of course, she hadn’t factored in an unintended clash with local bachelor Cole Parker. His charming smile and witty demeanor leave her intrigued, even though circumstances seem determined to keep him at arm’s length. Despite distractions, can the two of them find a common bond to tie everything together and construct the perfect story?

My thoughts:

This is a prime example of a love story where the two love interests’ personal issues and doubts hinder the progress of their relationship, continually creating friction throughout the narrative. Isn’t that indicative of many of our relationships in real life? The reason I enjoyed this story so much was because of the very realistic way the romance developed.

I adored Camdyn. She has to be one of my favorite female protagonists in recent memory. The story is most definitely about her. There are two styles of writing romance novels – one in which the reader is allowed into the mind of both protagonist love interests, and one in which there’s only one POV. Camdyn was the perfect single POV for this story and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Another thing I adored about this book was the fact that Camydn’s career as a writer was not at all campy, cliche, or in any way boring. Most novelists, and even non-writers, (or maybe it’s just me??) cringe when they see a book synopsis where the MC is a writer. Usually the MC is boring and cliche, but Camdyn was so anything but!

The faith aspect interwoven within the story provided a beautiful balance to the overall romantic arc without being preachy or overbearing.

I really enjoyed this story – full of flawed characters, a bit of realistic adventuring, and romance, all while taking the reader on a deep, personal journey that we can all relate to in some way.

Happy reading!