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Now that I’m a new, soon-to-be published author, I have the right to make a wish list right???  I hope so. (Not that I will get anything on my wish list anytime soon. But that’s okay!! Publishing a book traditionally can be a lengthy process, but I’m so glad I am finally beginning this journey!

New Author

A standing desk: 

I love the idea of working at a standing desk. I’ve seen them before in various schools where I work. To me, I feel like I’m always on the go. The nature of having 2 kids, and also of my personality. I also tend to hunch when I sit, and standing would help alleviate shoulder pain that comes from hunching. But they can be expensive.

A new laptop 

Unfortunately, my old one is 10 years old and really unable to function anymore. It’s slow as molasses and I keep having to do factory resets on it to get it to work properly. Time for another one.

An Android tablet:

Mainly my idea was to obtain an Android tablet so I can use it for marketing purposes: keeping up with social media and so on. The Google play store has so many awesome apps I can utilize to help me keep up with the online community! They’re expensive unless I go through a phone company and make payments…

A Samsung galaxy 8 phone: 

Just because I want one! They’re also expensive. But they’re soooo pretty! Also, I need a phone or a tablet with a good camera to access and utilize Instagram.

A new digital camera: 

So I can capture amazing photos to go with my blog and social media accounts. There are places I can find free photos which part of creative commons, but it’s much easier to take my own. Plus, it’s fun 🙂

A heavy duty notebook

Preferably bound with that faux-leather material that’s professional looking, soft and neat. I’m not usually the type of person who writes everything in notebooks. I can be sort of scatterbrained. If I did obtain a really nice notebook for writing down ideas and whatever else, I’d like to have only one. It just doesn’t help me organize my thoughts when I have five notebooks (like I do now) spread around the house, full of ineligible scribbles…

Do you have any of these things already? Have you published a book already? Did you buy yourself anything to celebrate? What would you buy if you could?



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