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A Melody for James: Book Review

a melody for james

A Melody for James: Song of Suspense Book #1

By Hallee Bridgeman

Christian romance/suspense


Melody Mason has the hottest female voice in the country music scene. But the cheers of throngs of adoring fans mean little in the absence of the handsome stranger who rescued her years before. Widower James Montgomery has never forgotten her. He prays God can bring her back.

Incredible events finally bring them face to face again. Together at last, they realize the bond between them has miraculously risen to a crescendo, melodiously marrying them like strong symphonic chords. Uncannily, they learn they share more in common than they could have ever imagined. They know God reunited them for a purpose.

Sinister forces threaten to destroy their new found happiness. The couple must work in close concert, placing all their faith in God as they solve the deadly mystery that ties their lives inexplicably together.

Fire, loss, and bloodshed cannot shake their faith in God to see them through as they face a percussive climax that leaves hearts and lives forever changed.

My thoughts

I am not a major fan of ‘love at first sight’ stories, but this one works and here’s why. After spending to delightful, amazing days together, Melody and James are separated due to circumstances beyond their control, and do not reunite for another four years. Within that time, they are able to both heal from their past tragic heartbreaks in their own way, in their own time. Once enough time passed by, reuniting, dating, and getting married progressed naturally and did not seem cliche at all.

All of the elements and themes in this story – romance, suspense, faith, were woven together effortlessly. Foreshadowing was presented naturally, and not forced, nor obvious. Sometimes as readers, we want to kick the characters and say “Look over there!” because they are so oblivious to who is committing the crimes and where they’re hiding, etc. I did not feel much of that reaction while reading through the plot of this story. The way the character’s behaved, the way they interacted, the sequencing of events, all seemed natural to me. The faith element also presented itself organically, and differently, with each character. The faith element was not preached or shoved down the reader’s throat. It was part of who the characters were as people. Part of their being, their habits, their tendencies and their passions.

I especially love Melody’s passion for music. I have a work in progress currently that revolves around a college worship leader. This book touches on her extreme passion for music, and at one point while attending church for the first time in four years, she begins to write down music during service on a bulletin, worship song lyrics. We don’t have to be ‘told’ that this musical talent is God’s gift to her. It’s shown to us through Melody’s experiences.

I do want to warn you there are some violent scenes involving kidnapping, major car accidents, and physical assault. But in terms of romance, this story is completely clean, as are all Hallee’s books.


If you’re a fan of romance and suspense, I definitely recommend this read.

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