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A Carol for Kent: Book Review

a-carol-for-kentA Carol for Kent: Song of Suspense book 3

by Hallee Bridgeman

Genre: Christian Romance/suspense


A Ruthless Serial Killer Seeks to End a Love Song Eight Years in the Making.

Assistant Commonwealth Attorney CAROL MABRY heads up an investigation into a string of stranglings in Virginia’s capital. The serial killer known as Richmond Red remorselessly snuffs out beautiful young women with violin strings before ritually enshrining their lovely lifeless bodies inside a pentagram of blood red candles.

Country music superstar BOBBY KENT makes an unscheduled return trip to his Virginia home for the first time in years. To his shock, he discovers that he and Carol have a young daughter, Lisa. His parents have kept Lisa hidden from him her entire life while simultaneously deceiving Carol about Bobby’s interest in fatherhood.

Angry and hurt over the deception, Carol and Bobby strive to cope with this newly discovered reality. They struggle to overcome harmful secrets and years of lies to decide whether they have a future. Neither of them realize how every waking moment they move closer to the serial killer who harbors an unnatural and deadly obsession.

With the beautiful Carol locked in Richmond Red’s sites, the clock is ticking down to her destruction. Will the two find love, or is their sonata striking a dangerous final chord?

My Thoughts

I thought this was a fascinating story with interesting characters. Though this kind of plot has been done before. (man and woman sleep together, women has baby, man doesn’t know anything about it) I appreciated the suspense twist on the story and of course, I love music and I love musician characters so very much.

The Characters

Bobby Kent is endearing to say the least. Musically gifted, and very charming and flirtatious, yet very deeply rooted in his Christian beliefs. I think it’s an interesting juxtaposition, being so flirtatious and all. I like how Bridgeman presents him in layers, revealing the top, then another layer, then another, especially once he finds out he has a daughter.

The story

I enjoyed the story, the plot, the romantic tension, but as a mother, I actually enjoyed the family dynamics that Bridgeman put on display. In my eyes, the mother-daughter relationship appeared realistic, and it was heartwarming to see Carol’s daughter come to know Bobby as her father and see past his super-stardom.

The ending

I actually liked this ending better than the ending in the first two books in the series. It was insane, and yet, still totally realistic, whereas the other two endings felt a bit off, a bit unrealistic with a tiny bit of stilted dialogue. I actually liked the twist on the ending, and didn’t see it coming, which is fantastic. I’m usually adept at perceiving foreshadowed endings.


Yes, definitely. Great story, great characters. Plenty of romance and suspense, and an ending with a twist.

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