5 reasons why I love #WIPjoy

#WIPjoy is back again. What is #WIPjoy, you ask?

Every time this beauty of a hashtag party comes around Twitter I get all hyper and excited. It’s so much fun! Here’s why I love it so much.

#1 I find motivation to keep on writing!

I’ve actually had trouble with this particular Work in Progress I’m working on. It’s morphed into a much larger YA action adventure than I had anticipated. I still want to write it, but sometimes I lack the motivation to keep going. This month’s #WIPjoy has really helped to keep me motivated.

#2 I’ve discovered a plethora of amazing stories and authors!

There’s just so many! While some of them may not all become awesome best sellers, just the creativity of plot, characters, and other descriptions of the story being presented, is so much fun to read.

#3 I have met some amazing writing friends who I still converse with regularly and who really care about my writing and me as a person!

I’m talking to you Faith Rivens 🙂 She’s so friendly and everyone knows it, too

#4 I have found a writing community!

Before I discovered #WIPjoy 9 months ish ago, I had very few writing friends, I had begun my blog only a few months previous, and while I had gained some blogging connections, this hashtag party is very interactive and provides that immediate connection to writers from around the country and even the world. You follow writers, they follow you. You seek out those writers whose stories you are interested in, and they might do the same back. You ask questions, you answer questions, you share experiences, advice, character love, and on and on. It’s beautiful!

#5 The reoccurring nature of #WIPjoy is encouraging!

I believe Bethany puts this on about 3 to 4 times per year and every time it comes around it reinvigorates me to continue to write, to continue to blog, and to continue to make friends.

I’ve probably thanked her a ton already in the past, but I have to thank Bethany for hosting this awesome hashtag party. If you have no idea what this is, feel free to go check it out and play along. It’s great fun!

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I’ll leave you with my first #WIPjoy post, which introduces my work in progress.

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