Positive Thinking

5 Positive Happenings: The Crocker Art Museum and McKinely Park

Happy cat

#1 I haven’t been to the Crocker Art museum since they build a brand new addition. It’s notoriety was that it was this big old beautiful house-turned-museum, and that’s one reason I loved it. Now it’s much more modern, and the old house is still lovely and all but not nearly so filled with paintings as it was before. The layout and the rooms and everything is so different. Still it was lovely to walk through the new building and the old house to check out all the various paintings and exhibits.

#2 We had  a wonderful day planned because my sister-in-law is in town. We also visited a park in downtown / midtown, one of my favorite parks because it’s playground is so unique and fun. The kids had a blast running around and we had a little picnic lunch. It was lovely, more so because we don’t normally visit this park because it’s a good 30 minutes from our home.

#3 My sister in law came to visit, so that is always super fun when she comes. We have a lot in common.

#4. My daughter finally got Star of the week in her class at school and was very excited. We filled out this poster and then she’s going to write in a journal about her weekend.

#5 There are some really awesome things happening in my life that are difficult to put into  adequate words. Let’s just say God is answering some prayers 🙂