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5 positive happenings: My baby girls are amazing


#1 My now almost 19 month old daughter said her sister’s name FINALLY. This makes me soo happy, I’ve been waiting for her to say it. I bet you she said it in secret. It’s adorable, cute cute cute cute cute CUTE!

#2. We got our tax return LOL Isn’t everyone happy when they get their tax return?

#3 I worked at my favorite school for 3 days in a row. One of the teachers teased me, “you’re here so much you should just work here permanently.” I wish I could.

#4  I have just been so overwhelmed with love for my girls this week. It’s weird, there’s no specific moments I can point to, just overall this week. I love my 2 beautiful girls.

#5. I had the best 3rd grade class – ok the best class ever in a long time – when I subbed on Friday. It was nice to actually be able to do things at the desk like grade papers and to have the class actually doing their work. That’s the way it should be, but it’s not that way for substitutes much lol.


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