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5 positive happenings: first day of school, and work, visiting old friends


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Positive things that are happening in my life

  1. My oldest daughter who is almost 5 started school this week. She’s going into TK. AHHH. So we are finally entering that stage of parenting where we have to deal with an actual real elementary school. Exciting and nerve-wracking too
  2. I began work again for the first time in um, over a year. I am a guest teacher, so I travel to various schools throughout the district I work in. I am stationed at one school this entire week, so that is always a huge plus.
  3. I got to reunited with a great teacher friend, which was exciting. Lovely watching her work.
  4. I am temporarily working as a one on one aid for a special education student. Apparently everyone loves what I am doing with him. People keep telling me to go into the field of special ed. (that’s not new, I’ve heard others say it before) Though I am pretty exhausted at the moment, handling this tough little guy.
  5. Both my in-laws and parents have been nothing but generous and supportive toward my family. Their outpouring of generosity during difficult times in our lives touches my heart. Thanks to my mom and dad, and to my in laws for everything you’ve done for my family.

What positive things are happening in your life?

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  1. I’m making progress with a small mountain of homeschooling paperwork. That’s a good thing, for sure!

    May the new school and work adventures delight!

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