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5 Positive Happenings: Birthdays & #WIPjoy!

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 My blog turned ONE year

#2 #WIPjoy


I spent 2 days this week substituting in an early childhood education classroom and it has been so fun. In the summer of 2015 I had sort of a stressful and not so fun experience while attempting to take an early childhood education practicum class (where we work as aids in an ECE classroom). Some of the kids were downright rude to ME personally, and absolutely disrespectful in general and the teachers didn’t do anything about it for about 2 weeks. Going into this particular different ECE classroom as a sub this week has renewed my faith in little ones and their abounding love and playfulness and kindness.


My dad let me borrow his car for an ENTIRE WEEK. Thank you sooo much


We’re going to go to a birthday party tomorrow at a place full of bounce-y houses. I cannot wait to see my daughter’s reaction. She’ll be over the moon excited I am sure.

What positive things are happening in your life?


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