5 aspects I look for in a church

There’s a whole host of people who will tell you that you must attend church because the bible tells you to do so. That church is part of being a Christian.

I would agree, to an extent, but there are multiple reasons people who call themselves Christians don’t attend church. Work related, family related, transportation, personal reasons, etc.

Tweet: Just because you don’t go to church doesn’t make you a terrible person. Just because you GO to church, doesn’t make you a Christian.

Church is a very personal matter to most people. as I think it should be. Sometimes though, we let our persnickety-ness get in the way of attending church.

Here are some important things I look for when I attend church.

#1 An encouraging atmosphere

Is the music encouraging? Are the people you meet encouraging? Are they friendly? Do they talk to you, greet you? Are the messages encouraging?

#2 A well-done worship service?

This doesn’t mean the band has to be comprised of professional singers or musicians. The atmosphere doesn’t need to be concert-esque. But it shouldn’t be dead and boring either. Singing praises should be fun, encouraging, uplifting. Whether you’re singing contemporary or more traditional songs and hymns. The worship leader should be a leader who knows what he/she is doing and (in my opinion) should listen to God’s voice as he/she sings.

#3 A community atmosphere

Does the church do community events to help out their community? do they do events together within their own church? Do they have life groups? Do they encourage people to come out to their events? (kids events, youth events, camps, etc) Do they take time to thank people who volunteer? (you won’t know that right away, that’s something you’ll figure out over time). When you talk with people, do they talk with you or walk away? Do people

#4 Biblical teachings

Do the speakers discuss bible-based messages that can be applied to our life today? No ranting or raving on random stuff. That’s not what I go to church to hear.

#5 Am I building my relationship with CHRIST?

All of these above things are ways that we can build our relationship with Christ. But the more I learn through reading the Bible, and being sensitive to the spirit of God, the more I grow in my faith. The more I build relationships with people, the more I can be encouraged and the more I can encourage other people. That my friends, takes some
“stepping out” You can’t be friends with people without taking a step or two to try and reach other people. If you want to be encouraged, you should encourage other people first.

What do you look for when looking for a church to attend? Let me know in the comments below!