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2018 in Review + Goals for 2019!

Happy New Year !! May this be the year you accomplish great things Whether in writing, or in everyday life!

Here’s a look back on my goals from 2018

Writing goals from 2018

To revise, submit and sign a contact and/or publish the 2nd book in my Second chances series: So I submitted my 2nd book manuscript and was asked to revise. Now – I am done revising and have resubmitted!

To finish at least one of the three WIP projects I’m working on: This year has been incredibly stressful and I’ve had nooo time

To revise and submit my 3rd book in the Second Chances series to Beta readers/crit partners: See above

To submit at least one new WIP to an agent and/or Twitter pitch contest. (providing I finish one first lol): See above

Personal/family goals from 2018

To spend more specific quality time with my husband: check

To spend more specific quality time with my 2 girls: Check

To spend more time with my mom: Check

To commit to a healthier lifestyle (eating, exercising,. more outdoor activities) Not so much LOL

To pay off debt: Still working on it

To move: We actually did move! Into a 4 bedroom house with my dad. It’s been quite an adventure and now my 2 kiddos have their own rooms, which is exciting for them! I still want a library/office……. someday….

Writing Goals for 2019

To publish my 2nd book (or at least sign a contract)

To finish and submit my third book.

To enter When Hearts Collide into writing contests!

To enter my 2nd / 3rd into writing contests!

Personal/family goals for 2019

I don’t know if you’ve seen it all over your feed, but everyone on my feed has been posting their ‘word’ for the new year. 

About 3 weeks ago, God laid on my heart that my attitude for the new year needed to be ‘selflessness’. Intentional selflessness in everything I say and do. I’m not an overly selfish person, but I can be a negative person sometimes and negativity breeds selfish habits.

That’s my word for this year: Selflessness. 

Along with that, here are some other goals: 

To read / study the bible a whole lot more than I am now. Every day if possible

To practice more positive parenting skills

To SAVE money

To serve in every capacity. (Parenthood, marriage, in church, outside of church)

To find an extracurricular activity for our kiddos (gymnastics, dance, soccer?)

To read 40 books! (I read 31 in 2018 so let’s see if I can increase this #)

What are your New Year goals or resolutions? Drop a comment and let me know!

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones! May this be the year of blessings and accomplishment. God bless!

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