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12 Days of Christmas Multi-Author Giveaway! Day 7

Welcome to DAY SEVEN of the 12 days of Christmas Multi-Author Giveaway

12 days of Christmas Giveaway


I can’t believe we’re halfway through my very first 12 days of Christmas Giveaway!

Amid all the hustle and craziness of the holidays, my hope is that these 12 days of giveaways help brighten your day by introducing you to new authors, and by offering you a chance to win fun prizes.

Today, I’m here to offer you the chance to win an ebook of When Hearts Collide, as well as a Christmas Coffee mug (who loves these, I do!) and tea and hot chocolate to go with it!

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A reckless mistake landed Jacob “Jay” Mathews behind bars, but it was his inescapable guilt that led him to God. Upon his release, with the help of a spiritual mentor and friend, he strives to move forward with his life. Determined to graduate college, get a job, and follow God’s word, the last thing Jay needs or wants is a girlfriend. Until he meets Lacey Bennett.

When fervent prayers for reconciliation between her divorced parents go unanswered, and her older sister tragically dies, Lacey questions how God could allow such tragedies to befall her family. Turning her back on her past and God, she focuses on her future. College and theater are her ultimate goals; falling for the one type of guy she swore to avoid—a Christian—is not. No matter how much she wants to resist, Jay is irresistible.

As their relationship deepens, Jay struggles with Lacey’s unresolved anger and her unwillingness to even discuss faith. All he wants to do is reveal how God changed his life, but doing so would mean revealing his status as an ex convict. Finally, as she begins to rekindle her faith, past secrets collide, threatening to destroy everything they’ve built. Now, Jay must rely on his faith more than he ever has before. Can they learn to forgive—or is their relationship fractured beyond repair?

Because it’s almost Christmas, I’ve pulled out a Christmasy excerpt from When Hearts Collide, just for you! I hope you enjoy!

With the room bathed in sunlight from the open curtains, Lacey and Jay decorated the front room, kitchen, and entry hall while Christmas music played in the background. She’d almost objected when Jay turned the dial to a Christian music station but decided not to let it bother her for the time being.

Decorating brought back cheerful memories from her childhood—to a time before her family had fallen to pieces. It wasn’t often she reminisced on the good times. As she and Jay set out candles and worked together to tape tinsel to the mantel, memories crowded together, like a movie reel, competing for her attention—until a classic Christmas song she’d heard a hundred times over the years transported her into a different living room.\

A fire blazed in the hearth nearby. Amy stood in front of her, hanging her stocking from one of the hooks Dad had hammered into the brick mantel; its characteristic, silver cursive A stood out against the red fabric. Amy turned and grinned, wavy hair falling to the middle of her back, several shades redder than her normal auburn hue. She’d been so excited to dye her hair for the first time that year. In the background, colorful lights twinkled, entwined around the six-foot Douglas fir positioned in the corner.

“Are you okay?” A touch to Lacey’s arm caused her to jump.

She blinked, and the image of the Christmas tree in her childhood home faded from memory, along with her sister’s smiling face. In their place, Jay stood facing her, concern in his eyes.

She inhaled, squashing the memory as far down as she could.

To obtain an extra entry in the giveaway below, answer this question: Christmas memories are some of the few happy memories Lacey has of her older sister. What is your favorite Christmas memory? 

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Yesterday’s giveaway is still live!

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