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12 Days of Christmas Multi-Author Giveaway! Day 4

Welcome to DAY FOUR of the 12 days of Christmas Multi-Author Giveaway

12 days of Christmas Giveaway


Oh my goodness, I’m so stoked about this big giveaway. It’s my first multi-author project, and I am honored and excited to highlight great authors from various genres!

Every day will be a different prize!

Today, Linda Brendle is giving away a copy of the first edition of her memoir, AND…are you ready for this one?

A Mini Spa Package

. I’m already slightly jealous for the person who wins this!

a long and winding road

“Sometimes, reality really bites. Alzheimer’s has wrapped Mom’s brain into knots; vascular dementia has attacked dad, and instead of carefree retirees, we have become caregivers. Regardless, dreams die hard, and we somehow stumbled into the purchase of a forty-foot motor home. That’s when all four of us set out on this seven-week trek across sixteen U.S. states. Now, Dad stopped up the toilet again; Mom wet her last pair of clean jeans, and David just announced he was hungry. My head is beginning to pound, and I know this isn’t going to be the easygoing retirement we imagined for ourselves.”

Linda Brendle takes you on a roller-coaster ride of emotional and spiritual challenges that many families are facing right now. Co-dependency, mental breakdowns, and finding love after divorce are just a few of the issues weaved into this journey of caregiving.

Linda will be blogging on her own blog today about caregiving and romance, and I suspect everything in between. Visit her blog, and don’t forget to comment on here, or her blog, to hit that extra entry into our giveaway.

To enter click here

Yesterday’s giveaway is still live!

Click here to win a copy of Dena Netherton’s High Country dilemma. 






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