Anchor My Heart

Anchor My Heart by Sara Beth Williams


In the aftermath of tragic loss, worship leader Matt Lawson is grappling debilitating anxiety. The blessings he’d taken for granted—a dream job, a woman he couldn’t wait to spend the rest of his life with, and his God-given musical talent have crumbled at his feet, leaving him reeling in despair, unable to face the wreckage of the life he’d envisioned for himself.

Tara Pierce is ready to put past hurts behind her as she prepares to graduate college and take a leap of faith in her career. When Matt’s grief causes him to isolate himself from everyone he knows, she refuses to stand idly by and do nothing. She has traversed similar terrain before. No one deserves to travel that road alone.

Unexpected attraction flares as Tara reaches into the sea of Matt’s grief and helps ground him in reality. But Matt’s not ready to give himself away again. Can Tara risk her heart and their friendship and let God step in to heal where she can’t?

2022 Selah Award Finalist


“In Anchor My Heart, Sara Beth Williams goes beyond two characters finding a second chance at love, by tackling difficult subjects like friendship, grief, and debilitating anxiety with sensitivity as we walk through troubled waters with these lovable characters.”

Melony Teague, Author of A Promise to Keep.

“Anchor My Heart is a gripping journey through crippling loss and the love that finds its way in spite of it all.”

Biblical Fiction Author Naomi Craig
“When I read Anchor My Heart, I became immersed in the character’s mind, experiencing their journey. Realistic dialogue and characters make this a stellar novel. Sara Beth Williams is a new favorite author of mine.”

Contemporary Romance Author Lisa Renee
“Bring your tissues! Anchor My Heart faces honestly the difficult, painful, and individualistic processes of grief and dealing with life following a significant loss. Williams’ vivid descriptions of the psychological and physical consequences of grief are moving and realistic – as someone who has experienced loss, I can attest her descriptions capture the emotions of grief beautifully. She also highlights the importance of community in bringing healing through the lived experience of walking through grief together. The characters in Anchor My Heart are multidimensional and believable, and while you do ache for them as they go through their pain, you also rejoice with them in God’s redemption. A must read!”

Award Winning Author Donna E. Lane, Ph.D.