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Yesterday Now and Always

He never expected to fall in love with her all over again.

After high school, Jake Monroe had the future all mapped out for him and high school sweetheart Audrey Wright. When Audrey is gifted a trip to New Zealand after her graduation and then spontaneously extends the trip from three months to twelve months, Jake is shattered.

From the age of six, Audrey Wright grew up in Trinity Lakes Washington as a dual NZ-US citizen. Adopted as a toddler, she’d never known her biological parents. During a whirlwind trip to New Zealand at eighteen to visit relatives, Audrey encounters a half-brother she never knew existed and makes the split decision to remain in New Zealand to rediscover the family she never dared to dream she’d find. But the cost of her spontaneous decision may be much higher than she realizes.

Eight years later, Jake returns to Trinity Lakes to fulfill his childhood dream of owning his own restaurant. Encountering Audrey again throws a wrench into his carefully laid out plans and dredges up old attraction that should’ve died when she’d chosen New Zealand over him. Regardless, he’s drawn to her as he was years prior. But mending the past and overcoming the anger and bitterness will take a miracle.

A small town, second chance high school sweethearts’ reunion, contemporary Christian Romance, part of the Trinity Lakes Romance series.


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